Exhilarating Events for Passionate Athletes.


Team On Track is an event promotion company putting together exhilarating events for passionate, determined athletes who wish to push themselves and gain new experiences. We are passionate about the athlete — putting them first, guiding and helping them grow on their journey and making their competition day feel special.

As a family run business with an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder at its head, we are dedicated to making dreams come true. We work full time to put together the best physique sport events, from seminars and summits to NPC competitions and sports expos.

Let us help you follow your dreams, whether you’re still dreaming them or you’ve already started the process of making them a reality. Join us at an upcoming seminar, summit or competition so we can help you along your journey. 

At each of our competitions, we have an amazing group of volunteers that help with everything from oiling competitors backstage to taking tickets at the door. If you're interested in joining our volunteer team, please get in touch!



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Christine Bongiovanni-Stiff

My passion is empowering people to create a better version of themselves — not just physically, but mentally too. Always an athlete, I struggled with society’s image of the ideal woman and spent much of my life dealing with that struggle. Despite that, as an adult I found the sport of bodybuilding and fell in love with it. It was an outlet for my athleticism once I had outgrown team sports.

Through hard work and determination, I earned my pro card in 1994. At that time, there was only Bodybuilding; no figure, fitness or bikini for women to compete in and it was very much a male dominated sport. A female bodybuilder wasn’t exactly considered glamorous.

I took my 10 years of local, national and pro competition experience made a business out of helping others shape their physiques for the stage. With my chemical engineering education, I was fascinated by the way different bodies would respond to different diet and workout plans. But over the course of 28 years of training, I’ve learned that it isn’t just about the body, it’s also about the mental process and as my business evolved, that’s where I found my passion.

Today, through seminars and fitness summits, I love to focus on guiding athletes to the stage and then back off the stage in a healthy and happy way.

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Shandi Grimsley

I grew up watching the hard work that my mom put into bodybuilding. I watched her train hard, ate rice cakes and broccoli with her, hung out at the gym and wished her luck whenever she went out of town to compete.

Years later, I watched her take on a new role as an NPC competition promoter. I helped her stuff envelopes to mail out entry forms, staple and fold event programs and manned a concessions booth on show day.

After graduating from college with degrees in Anthropology and Journalism, I decided that I wanted to work with my mom to help make competitors feel special when they stepped on our stage. While I myself have no intentions of putting on a glittering suit and heels, I love seeing the hard work and dedication that athletes put into prepping themselves for a competition and that motivates me to put the same hard work and dedication into planning and preparing the competitions. I love seeing all of the hard work, both on the promotion side and the athlete side, come together in an amazing way on show day.