Recipe: Roasted Cabbage

Tired of broccoli and brussels sprout? Looking for something new for this week's meal planning and prepping? How about some roasted cabbage?! Cabbage gets a pretty bad rap — it's something that people will eat in salads, on sandwiches or maybe as sauerkraut but cooked cabbage doesn't show up on menus too often. This recipe is simply, yummy and great for when we get to winter because cabbage is a vegetable that is available to us all year round.

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NPC Divisions: What is Women's Physique?

Of the five NPC divisions for women, Women's Physique athletes have the most muscle second only to Women's Bodybuilding athletes. The NPC states that judges are looking for "symmetry, shape, proportion, muscle tone, poise and beauty flow." But what does that mean? And how do you know if Women's Physique is the right division for you? Read on and we'll break down the different components to Women's Physique!

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Q & A with Health Junkie

Today we’re going to introduce you to one of the new kids on the block, Health Junkie LLC. Owned and operated by local NPC competitors Meg Junker and Chris McGillivray, Health Junkie’s goal is to give you the tools to live a positive, happy, and healthy life through the two sides of their business, meal prep and online training. Get to know them a bit better with this Q & A!

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