How to Submit Routine Music

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If you're competing in Men or Women's Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Women's Physique or Fitness, you'll need to provide the competition promoter with music for your individual routine. Different competition promoters will have different rules for how and when you should be submitting your routine music, make sure that you read the athlete information for whichever show that you're competing in to find the appropriate information, if you cannot find it, send the promoter an email. This blog post is going to give you information on how to submit routine music for a Team On Track Productions competition, you can use this info for any of the competitions that we promote.

But before we get into how to submit routine music, let's first talk about the NPC rules regarding individual routine music.

  • Individual routines are 60 seconds to music of your choice, performed at finals - unless you're competing in Fitness. Then your routine will be two minutes long and will be performed both at judging and finals.
  • Your song does not need to be cut to 60 seconds if you want it to start at the beginning, the person running the music will simply end the song at 60 seconds. If you want your music to start, for example at :10 seconds into the song, then you will need to cut it yourself or have someone cut it for you before submitting it to the promoter.
  • Songs need to be in good taste and cannot contain any profanity. If your song does contain profanity and it is played on stage, you may be disqualified from the competition.

Alright, so at Team On Track Productions, we like to be hip to the fact that it's the 21st century. That means we don't accept music on records, 8 tracks, cassette tapes or CD's. Our music set up at events involves putting a playlist on a computer and hooking the computer up to the venues sound system - it's faster, more reliable and easier for the sound techs than using a CD player which means less chance of an error. We ask that you email us your music as an iTunes compatible file by noon on the Wednesday before the competition. This gives us time to check that the file works in iTunes, put it in a playlist in the correct order and rename the song with your competitor number, name, division and class. If you're unable to get a file emailed or the file you've been emailing isn't working, you should bring a USB flash drive to athlete check ins with your song, and only your song, on the drive. We do recommend bringing a USB flash drive with your music as a back up even if you've received a confirmation email from us that the file you emailed works.

So, how do you email us your music? There's a couple of different options and we're going to walk you through it. First and most important, you need to make sure that you are actually attaching the file to an email rather than sharing a link to access the song in iTunes, Google Play, Spotify or YouTube. 

Option 1: Email the file from your computer

If you have a computer (or access to a computer that you can use to log in to your iTunes account) and have already purchased the song you will be doing your routine to and are starting your routine at the beginning of the song, follow the steps below. If you're using software to cut/edit your song or someone else is doing that for you, this process will create a file and you can just attach that cut/edited file to an email.

  1. Open iTunes and find your song.
  2. Right click on the song - if you have a Windows computer select "Show in Windows Explorer," if you have a Mac select "Show in Finder." Both options will open a new window that has a folder with the song in it.
  3. Right-click the music file - if you have a Windows computer select "Send To," and then select "Mail Recipient." A new message window opens in your default mail application, with the song already attached. If you have a Mac, you can click share and use the "Mail" option if you use Mac mail, if you use a web based email program like Gmail, leave the Finder window with the song file open and open up your web browser to log in to your email and compose a new email. You should be able to just drag the song file from the Finder window into the newly composed email.
  4. In the body of the email, please include your name and what division you are competing in (you probably won't know your class so something like "John Smith Open Classic Physique and Novice Classic Physique" will work). Send your email to

Option 2: Gift the Song from itunes

If you've been using a streaming service such as Spotify, Pandora or YouTube to practice your routine but haven't purchased the song and do not need to for yourself because you have access to it through your streaming service, you can gift the song through iTunes to us so that we will have the song file. Note: You'll need to do this from a computer, if you try to do it from a device the app only allows you to gift an entire album rather than a song.

  1. Open up iTunes and find the song that you want to gift.
  2. You'll click the down arrow next to the price of the song and select "gift this song." It will prompt you to enter the email address of the recipient and give you the option to add a message, please include the information listed in step 4 above.

At this time (August, 2018) there isn't a way to attach a song file from your iPhone or iPad, so you will need to find a computer to use. If you have a non-Apple device, you'll likely be able to send it from your phone since Apple devices store music files differently but since we're all Apple products over here at Team On Track Productions, we don't have much guidance for you there. Try a quick Google search for instructions for your device, or if you've emailed us music in the past using a different method or device, please leave a comment telling us how to help out your fellow athletes!