Q & A with Health Junkie


These days, there a a ton of new health minded businesses popping up everywhere – it’s almost impossible to keep up and get to know every one of them! So, today, we’re going to introduce you to one of the new kids on the block, Health Junkie LLC. Owned and operated by local NPC competitors Meg Junker and Chris McGillivray, Health Junkie’s goal is to give you the tools to live a positive, happy, and healthy life through the two sides of their business, meal prep and online training. Get to know them a bit better with this Q & A!

(PS: This week’s menu includes meals such as honey dill chicken with jasmine rice and vegetable medley, sunrise burger with sweet potato hash and asparagus and raspberry pineapple pork chops with roasted mini potatoes and green beans – YUM!! Be sure to head to their website to else they’ve got cooking!)

Meal Prep

Q: What inspired you to get into the meal prep business?
A: After years of training clients and hearing that their biggest struggle/excuse is meal prepping, we decided to make things easier for them. For some reason people have a tendency to over complicate things in the kitchen. Not to mention lack of time. People love convenience, which is made obvious by the success of the fast food restaurants, but the world is really becoming more health conscience, the health and wellness industry is at an all-time high currently, so it’s great to be able to offer a product that helps people eat better, feel better and be healthier.

Q: Are you able to accommodate any food sensitivities or other dietary restrictions into your existing meal plans?
A: Yes, we can accommodate almost all food sensitivities and dietary restrictions. The only thing we like to be cautious of is if someone has celiac disease. We generally do not use ingredients with gluten, however, we work out of a shared kitchen and cannot guarantee that gluten contact has not been made. If someone has an allergy or an aversion to one of our ingredients, we just swap it out for something else.

Q: What is your favorite out of the meals you’ve offered so far?
A: Meg- Bleu cheese crusted buffalo turkey meatloaf is my favorite. Chris- Enchilada casserole.

Q: How often are you likely to have repeat meals on your menu?
A: Right now, our menus come back around every 6 weeks, we intend to add more menus in the near future.

Q: If I’m in contest prep mode and my coach requires me to have more protein or low carbs one week and high carbs the next week, are you able to accommodate these needs?
A: We can easily accommodate competitor’s needs. We offer bulk food options as well as our weekly menu, which tends to be the route we take with competitors.

Q: There’s lots of options for meal prep companies these days, what makes Health Junkie stand out?
A: I think what sets us apart most is that our focus is on making healthy food that average people enjoy eating. We are also much more community driven. A lot of the other companies nationally ship. As of right now, we don’t ever see ourselves shipping our food. We feel like it compromises the food too much, plus we really feel it’s much more personable to have the interactions with our customers. Our next goal is to also find local farms for us to source as much meat and produce as we can. And then also being involved with our direct community as much as possible through charity and community events, really getting involved with as much as possible and giving back.

Q: What’s the easiest way to order your meals?
A: Go to our webpage www.healthjunkieusa.com and click the meal prep tab at the top of the page. Scroll down to the drop-down menu’s. There’s two of them. One for one-time order or you can subscribe to automatically order weekly. Simply select the number of meals you would like to purchase and add anything specific you want us to know about your order. You do not need a PayPal account for a one time order but you do to subscribe weekly.

Online Training

Q: How does your background as physique athletes influence your training style?
A: It does, but at the same time it doesn’t. We both like to train hard and heavy. The coined term I believe is “power building.” However, we recognize the need for hypertrophy, so we combined heavy training with volume. When it comes to our clients, it’s really based on their needs, goals, and what stage of the game they’re in. We can’t throw a newbie into a heavy lifting program, but we do feel that everyone needs to feel what it feels like to be strong. It’s very empowering.

Q: Does the nutrition only option incorporate your meals?
A: Only if the client is ordering our meals.

Q: What is involved in the contest prep plan?
A: Contest prep includes diet plan, macros, training and cardio program, supplement recommendations, 24/7 access, weekly check ins and necessary adjustments along the way. We also help with posing, and for new competitors we help with finding the right show, finding their suit, shoes, jewelry, hair, make up, and spray tan.

Q: I’m new to nutrition and training, are your programs simple enough for someone without much knowledge in the area to undertake?
A: Definitely, we completely tailor each program and meal plan to the client. If the client we are working with is new, we start out basic and usually include instructional videos or pictures to make sure they know exactly what they should be doing in the gym and the kitchen. The ultimate goal is to give our clients enough knowledge and help them find their stride with their health and wellness, so that they can carry on the rest of their life without us.

A big thanks to Meg and Chris for taking the time to answer our questions, you can find Health Junkie at any of our Twin Cities Metro competitions in 2018 – stop by their booth to get to know them in person!

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